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Entrepreneurship Workshop with Mike Ehlers, MD PhD: Starting your Journey at Caltech

Wednesday, February 7, 9:30 to 11:45am, Broad 100.

Guest Speaker:

Michael Ehlers is Chief Scientific Officer and Venture Partner at Apple Tree Partners (ATP), a leading life sciences fund. Dr. Ehlers earned his bachelor's degree in chemistry at Caltech and holds MD and PhD degrees from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. At ATP, he directs the fund's science-driven investment strategy by identifying and evaluating new breakthrough science around the world and turning it into business plans, management teams, and drug discovery and development programs.

Workshop agenda:

Dr. Ehlers will outline the entrepreneurial path he's taken including time academia, industry (Biogen), company co-founder (Aulos and Replicate Bioscience) prior to his CSO/VC role at ATP. Members of Caltech's OTTCP staff will outline the resources and supports for entrepreneurship available to students and faculty. From Capsida Biotherapeutics and Caltech, Professor Viviana Gradinaru (Founder) and Nick Goeden (Co-founder and CTO) will also present their story and lessons learned. The workshop will then focus on addressing participants' questions about what they wish they knew and what they think they need to take their next steps in their own entrepreneurial journey.