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Graduate Student Spark Grants 2024

Adrian Bahn (Mayo Lab) - Design of Human Cytomegalovirus Receptor Inhibitors

Austin Brotman, Hristos Courelis & Daniel Deng (Adolphs, Rutishauser & Meister Labs) - Studying the Role of the Striatum in Human Cognition: A Neurosurgical Approach

Arun Chakravorty & Jonathan Fox (Cai Lab) - Elucidating Transcriptional Dynamics Along Spatial Growth Phases of Melanoma

Rana Eser & Blade Olsen (Gradinaru, Mayo & Murray Labs) - Increasing the Safety and Reach of Gene Therapies by Reducing the Immunogenicity of Adeno-Associated Viruses with Mechanism/Computation-Informed Directed Evolution in Human Tonsil Organoids