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Translational Research Grants 2022

Tsui-Fen Chou - Development of MitoTAC compounds to treat Parkinson's disease

Mory Gharib - Diabetic Retinopathy Detector: A Contactless Ocular Pulse Waveform Diagnostic

Viviana Gradinaru & Timothy Miles - Target-based engineering of human brain-penetrant molecules

Linda Hsieh-Wilson & Lior Pachtor - Single-Cell Unified Glycan And RNA Sequencing (SUGAR-seq) to Identify Unique Molecular Signatures of Alzheimer's Disease

John O'Doherty, Michael Alvarez & Reza Tadayon-Nejad (UCLA) - Using computational modeling and a comprehensive task battery to identify the cognitive attributes underpinning susceptibility to vaccine skepticism

Ellen Rothenberg - A Rational Pathway For Direct Reprogramming To T Cells (2)

Shu-ou Shan & Tsui-Fen Chou - Tailor-made Molecular Chaperones to target protein misfolding diseases (2)

Mikhail Shapiro & Jerzy Szablowski (Rice Univ.) - Engineering and Validation of Viral Vectors for Ultrasound-Targeted Gene Delivery to the BrainĀ