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Graduate Student Spark Grants 2023

Alex Chung (Gradinaru Lab) - Unlocking the potential for mammalian regeneration

Akash Dhawan (Greer Lab) - Additively Manufacturing Collagen Hydrogel Scaffolds using a 5-cyanoquinoline Photobase

Mikel Lipschitz (Wang Lab) - Antibacterial Minicells: A Novel Therapeutic for the Treatment of Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infections

Shichen Liu (Thomson Lab) - Programmable active vesicle for targeted therapeutic delivery

Delaney Sullivan (Pachtor Lab) - A sensitive graph partitioning approach to detect clinically relevant genetic lesions in cancer from genomic data

Nadia Suryawinata (Mazmanian Lab) - Mechanisms for gut microbial metabolism of anxiolytic drugs