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Translational Research Grants 2021

Alexei Aravin - Prokaryotic Ago proteins: A tool for nucleic acid analysis and manipulation and a novel anti-phage defense system

Pamela Bjorkman, Magnus Hoffmann & Jennifer Keeffe - Self-Assembling Spike Nanoparticles as a Platform Technology for Hybrid mRNA Vaccines Against SARS-CoV-2 and Future Pandemic Coronaviruses

Michael Elowitz & Viviana Gradinaru - Dosage compensated gene therapy for Rett Syndrome and other "Goldilocks" diseases

Mitch Guttman & Rebecca Voorhees - How viral mRNAs hijack the human ribosome to selectively produce viral proteins

Stephen Mayo - CDRxAbs: Antibody Small-Molecule Conjugates with Computationally Designed Target-Binding Synergy

Ellen Rothenberg - A Rational Pathway For Direct Reprogramming To T Cells

Shu-ou Shan & Tsui-Fen Chou - Tailor-made Molecular Chaperones to target protein misfolding diseases

David Van Valen & Yisong Yue - Improving cell therapies with deep learning and optical barcoding

Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz & Changhuei Yang - Deep learning identification of human embryo stages to improve embryo grading and intervention

Kai Zinn & Matt Thomson - Mapping and Functional Analysis of Interactions among Human Cell-Surface Proteins