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Innovation Seed Grants Fall 2021

Yaser Abu-Mostafa & Dr. Arun Padmanabhan (UCSF) - Using Machine Learning-Enabled Noninvasive Diagnostics to Improve Care in Patients with Heart Failure

Chiara Daraio & Dr. Adam Oskowitz (UCSF) - Prevention of aneurysmal endoleaks using stents with programmable radius profiles

Morteza Gharib & Dr. Adam Oskowitz (UCSF) - Ultrasound Shape Sensing for Surgical Navigation

Andre Hoelz & Dr. Rick Friedman (UCSD) - Development of small molecule AMPK activators to protect the ear from noise-induced hearing loss

Axel Scherer - Polymerase Chain Reaction Amplification for Proteins and other Analytes

Brian Stoltz & Tsui-Fen Chou - The identification of protein targets of dimeric indole alkaloids as potential anti-cancer agents

YC Tai & Dr. Mitchel Berger (UCSF) - Exploring Electrotaxis to Treat Glioblastoma Multiforme